A notebook with a cover you can choose? To return to handwriting notes!

Nowadays, in a click, we reach a page of notes recorded on the cloud and we attend a class, a meeting, an appointmentwith the tipping voice of the keyboard.

But we suggest you to rediscover another way of taking notes. No worries, you know it!

16×24 cm long,it offers 156 blank pages of freedom. Feel free to list, sketch, scrawl, write quotations down, make plans about the future or build castles in the air, cross off and finally  store business cards! Either you are a pens or a pencil user,its paper will resist all your desires!

When reviewing your notes, you might be surprised, have a little smile, or feel lost if you cannot understand your hastily drafted hieroglyphs, but one thing is for sure: you will find the feelings of the moment back.

Either you are a follower of the “notebook to write everything down ” movement, or of the «notebook with themes ” one, buying a new notebook feels like a new adventure. It is not rare that it requires some time. We spot it on the shelf among all of the others, we open it, we go through it, we let go the hands on the cover to feel the material. We search for practical extras: pocket, flap, detachable corners… And then, we eventually imagine to use it until we decide to do so!

We understood the choice of a notebook is crucial: therefore, we wanted to decline all our beautiful planners’ covers in refillable pads. It will indeed be possible once the notebook is completed, to get a refill.

Only one thing to do: choose the cover which will be your personal companion on a daily basis.

Pssst… apparently a smaller version is on its way… we shall tell you more in the following months.

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