Handwriting, the best way to get your creativity flowing!

After presenting the concept of Bullet Journal® and the 16×24 notebook with covers you can choose, we want to focus on the creative aspect and the useful tools to assure the management of a Bullet Journal®. A normal pen can be sufficient, it is true, but the “Bujo” enthusiast is usually looking for its creative […]

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You think that the use of paper supports is over? It is because you do not know Bullet Journal®!

The one that some people like to call “Bujo”, arose from Ryder Carroll’s inspiration, a Brooklyn citizen, who used to create digital tools. Thanks to a website explaining the principles of his Bullet Journal®, he managed to convince several social and blog writers and users, to use his new personalized organization technique. How can you […]

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Spring Break – Time for creative projects in family

End of February sounds like Spring Break! We could idealize it as beautiful moments in family, to laugh, to play and to rest. But let’s be realistic, the small monsters that share your lifeare thirsty of activities! They need to exert themselves! If the weather is beautiful, nothing more simple, you can organize a trip […]

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A notebook with a cover you can choose? To return to handwriting notes!

Nowadays, in a click, we reach a page of notes recorded on the cloud and we attend a class, a meeting, an appointmentwith the tipping voice of the keyboard. But we suggest you to rediscover another way of taking notes. No worries, you know it! 16×24 cm long,it offers 156 blank pages of freedom. Feel […]

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