When are products available online?

Our products become available online at the same time as they become available in stores. Delivery of school year diaries begins on April 1st, and delivery of the calendar year diaries starts June 1st. Please contact your retailer for in-store availability.

I am a new retailer and I would like to sell Quo Vadis diaries. How do I get started?

If you want to sell Quo Vadis diaries, please contact our Customer Service department. One of our representatives will contact you to introduce our full line of products.

How can I be notified of the launch of new products?

Just register by typing your email address in the “Newsletter” section of the website and you will be among the first to receive the information on the novelties.

How do you determine the dates for Jewish holidays?

Jewish holidays begin and end at sundown. We therefore include them on the days they begin and end at sundown.

Where can I find the nearest retailer?

To find the nearest retailer, go to the “Where to buy?” section. You will get our list of retailers and distributors. To locate one or more retailer, click on their name and you will be redirected to their website.

You can also contact our customer service by email or by telephone: retailer@quo-vadis.ca or 1 800 361-5546

Please take note that our distributors don’t necessarily stock all of the Quo Vadis product line.

Why are the maps of all continents not included in all diaries?

In each model of diary, we have a limited number of pages for additional information. Therefore, we cannot print the maps for all continents in all diaries. In addition, our intent is to help to organize your time.

Is the paper used in the production of Quo Vadis diaries bad for the environment?

No. As a matter of fact, paper used in the production of Quo Vadis diaries comply with the major environmental criteria (reduced energy consumption, reduction in the use of hazardous substances in the inks, systematic treatment of all production wastes, being a recyclable product) but also with ethical and social criteria. For more information, please refer to “Environment” section.