Our commitment

The Quo Vadis charter for the environment is part of its strategy for long term development. The idea being that the charter brings together its economic, social and environmental objectives.

We care

Environmental aspect

PEFC_OFF_CONTROLE_EN_V_Q_S.10-31-714Our paper is made from paper pulp from certified forest
Paper represents 85% of the total weight in a diary. The onus is on our company to have a strict environmental policy, starting from the manufacturing of paper pulp all the way to the product distribution in the stores.

Therefore, 100% of our paper comes from forest certified for their environmental management. This way, logging does not reduce forest surface. It permits to maintain in place young trees. These young trees absorb more CO2 and are considered as the lungs of the earth. This method also allows better farming, cleaning and maintenance of our forest.

ECF Certified

Quo Vadis insures the all the non recycled paper used in the manufacturing of its diaries and notebooks are certified ECF (Elementary Chlorine free). This means that no elementary chlorine has been used during the process of whitening the paper paste.

Economical aspect

Reuse your diary cover from one year to the next
Quo Vadis offers a large variety of diaries with removable covers. We are proud to offer our customers the possibility to keep their diary covers. This means that our customer can keep the cover they chose with care and just buy the refills from one year to the next, thereby saving money and protecting the environment.

To choose Quo Vadis also means to be environmentally friendly.

Social aspect

Choice of suppliers
Quo Vadis always tries to do better. When choosing its suppliers, Quo Vadis requires that its suppliers have the same environmental objectives. They must be part of a program of forest certification in line with international references.

Quo Vadis and the long term development

Long term development according to Quo Vadis, does not stop at protecting the environment but also includes a social development:

Quo Vadis did not wait for the Kyoto Protocol to start better management of its resources, energy as well as long term development. It has always been part of an ongoing process.

PEFC Certification

PEFC_OFF_CONTROLE_EN_V_Q_S.10-31-714Quo Vadis International considers that the environmental protection is a major component of its general policy. The company uses a proactive approach on this subject matter. Paper represents on average 85% of the total weight of an agenda.

The paper used to produce Quo Vadis agendas are Elementary Chlorine Free (ECF). Quo Vadis International is now certified PEFCTM since April 2008.

This certification provides immediate assurance that the wood used to produce the paper is supporting the sustainable management of forests.

Some of the core values:

The paper used in Quo Vadis diaries is renowned for its whiteness and its softness.

All our paper pulp comes from forest certified for their environmental management. They are manufactured from logging timber tinning, left over from sawmill or from cultivated forest.

These forests are certified following renowned international standards, such as PEFCTM. These certification guarantees:

Here are some additional information on the process of manufacturing paper: