Handwriting, the best way to get your creativity flowing!

After presenting the concept of Bullet Journal® and the 16×24 notebook with covers you can choose, we want to focus on the creative aspect and the useful tools to assure the management of a Bullet Journal®.

A normal pen can be sufficient, it is true, but the “Bujo” enthusiast is usually looking for its creative aspect.

Here is a list of several recommended tools to express yourselves in your Bullet Journal®:

– A classic, typical pen ball or ink, with the comfort of writing, you will appreciate and bring it with you everywhere
– A set of several color fine felt-tip pens (0.4mm), precise and pleasant, as Stabilo point 88, sold in wallet of 5 -15 or 20 colors
– A set of thicker felt-tips (1mm) for titles or things you want to highlight, with a large choice of colors too, like the Stabilo pen 68
– A pencil and a eraser for the one who likes sketches
– A kit of coloured pencils for the more artistic users
– A rule-stencil, to draw forms (weather pictograms, arrows, everyday accessories symbols etc.)
– Decorated Adhesive tapes, like masking tapes
– Stickers, according to your interests
– Some stamps for the most meticulous users

You think about something else? Are you either a minimalist user or are you more, always looking for the last accessory to perfect your Bullet Journal®?
Don’t hesitate to share your creations and your experiences!

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