Warranty Quo Vadis

In choosing a Quo Vadis diary, you choose quality workmanship. We guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with your purchase because we offer:

A premium quality paper used for our diaries

Quo Vadis diaries are printed on paper made by Clairefontaine in France; this company is world renown for the quality of its paper and its environmentally friendly manufacturing process. All our paper is PEFC certified.

A grid to meet your special need

Everyone has their own needs and manages their time differently. This is why Quo Vadis offers grids to satisfy different approch to time management filling the needs of different life style and professional activities.

Because being able to reconcile one’s life with professional, family, social and domestic expectations requires a lot of planning and good time management; Quo Vadis diaries aim to facilitate this task and help you to take better advantage of each moment in your life.
In accordance with your organizational needs, find the diary that suits you best!!!

Great variety of diaries at a small price

Our tastes are personal and unique, therefore; Quo Vadis offers a wide range of colors and textures: from modern to classical colors, exclusive design from well known artists and covers that are soft to the touch, grainy or leatherette that imitate suede. Each collection offers a great variety of choices!

More so, our diaries are refillable. From one year to the next, keep your cover and just buy a refill of your favourite diary for the New Year. This is an economical and ecological way to manage one’s time.

Premium quality management tools: an add on to your diary

To help even more with your time management, Quo Vadis created for your use different management tools:

These tools all carry the high quality and know-how that Quo Vadis customers are accustumed to.